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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
I really think the OP is being sarcastic. At least I hope he is.
OP is being sarcy.

However, the fact is that the whole world is watching the Oly's. Surely, Fred is looking at it from that perspective. (IMO) He is not thinking of himself as just as tennis star but a sports personality.

I agree with some that winning the OG _may_ not mean much for Andy as far as winning slams is concerned, we'll have to wait and see, if it converts to slams.

However, winning the OG would have meant a hell of a lot for Federer since he has won enough slams. Where OG Gold stands wrt slams and WTF can be argued forever, but Federer wanted it really bad.

edit: oh btw, excellent work, TTMR. Hats off !!!
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