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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
Yes, he did want it bad.

Oh har har.

You have mixed up Fed with your idol, Fed more often than not speaks his mind and doesn't mince words.

Actually, for the most part of the tennis history "great" players weren't even allowed to participate. Not that I expect a Nadal fanboy to be aware of any tennis history that goes past 2008 mind you.

He wanted the Gold but Murray was too good so yeah he did seem happy he won the Silver medal, if only he had the option to trade his 7th Wimbledon title for it as Nadal fanatics are 100% sure he would in a blink of an eye.

For the last time, all this notion about Cincy being a real slam came from your fellow Nadal fanatic Suresh, not from Fed fans.

Here, educate yourself:

It's an inside joke, nobody really believes Cincinnati is worth more than a regular masters.

That's a ******* conspiracy, read the interviews of pros who participate there every year, they all talk about how slow it is (especially during the heat).

Regarding tennis (a sport which this forum is about) it does have a 24 year tradition, greats like Borg and Laver (imagine that, there were great tennis players before saint Rafa) never even had a chance to participate.

P.S I'm still waiting for your supposed neutral self to write a sarcastic essay on Nadal fans' attitude towards WTF (an event worth 1500 points) and some of their members' open admission that they value SOG so much because it's something Nadal has and Fed doesn't (honestly, that's kindergarden level nonsense).
You're expending too much energy to point out the obvious. Yes, I'm sure any relatively intelligent person realizes that most of these **** stances, the planks in the respective **** platforms... they're just part of the game.
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