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Originally Posted by crosbydog View Post
My 11 year old has been taking privates once a week for a year now from the relatively best coach in our area. We have shlepped down to Florida a couple times for her to take 4 lessons with a name coach. She qualified for her section's sweet 16 tournament in the 10's after Playing a year but now in the 12s she can only beat mediocre or younger Players. After spending a ton of money on 3 lessons with a name Florida coacher his week she again beat a mediocre player and a 10 year old, 4th and 5th seeds, in a Local Florida tournament until she lost in the back draw semi finals to another mediocre player from Venezuela........
^^^^This is exactly the kind of thoughts processes that burn kids out on sports or extracurricular activities in general. Sometimes even school.

Originally Posted by crosbydog View Post
She is somewhat driven and does want to improve and says tennis is her sport. (she does volleyball too for the camaraderie but can't make the select teams).
^^^^This is what motivates kids to get better. Focusing on improvement and learning, effort and having a good attitude about what they are doing often pays off in the long run. 11 is young and playing more than 1 sport is a very good idea up through 14-16 or so.

If my kid loved an activity, continued to improve, even if it was at a slower rate than I hoped for, I would do my best to support them. I suggest finding more info about what motivates athletes and people in general from first hand experts. Check out Dr. Allen Fox, Dr. John F. Murray and Jeff Greenwald to name a few. Remember, everyone improves at different rates. I'd rather see my kid mediocre at 11 and motivated to continue to play and at 18 be closing in on their potential, still improving and have and appetite to play college tennis. So many kids who were superstars at 10, 12, 14, 15 etc. are no where to be found on the tennis scene at 17 and 18.

Good luck.
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