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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Will do! Yes it does look pretty good, I missed that early part. Will digest it all and see what comes out

Won't be on court for a few days, and I probably have too much forehand on the brain already. Perhaps we could talk about volleys for a while? This was after 45 minutes of nonstop forehands, so forgive my legs... the forehand side is more suspect. Sometimes I take it back too far, and I am having a particularly hard time with it when I have to move to the left while hitting it. Both sides are serviceable, but no knifelike quality to them.

Have at it
Bh volley looks much better on technique to me as you lead with the hand and
pull thru the volley, but on the Fh, you push the volley by pressing the racket
face out to the ball.
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