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Originally Posted by leroy_sunset View Post
I just want to clear this up. Here's where you started to flame, translated for those over the age of 50:

Your response:


Teflon is saying that the team aspect of the sport dictates that overrules and public arguments are detrimental to the team dynamic. I agree, they can cause major problems.

Jonny, this was your immediate response:

Instantly, Teflon is a dirty cheater and you're a moral compass? Seriously, get over yourself.
Teflon directly admitted right here that in no circumstances would he overrule his partner in a match, no matter how blatantly the partner cheated:

"If your partner is honestly mistaken, then tell him and let him correct his own call. If he is deliberately hooking, you don't break rank. You tell him in private it's not acceptable, and if he doesn't stop hooking then you simply don't play with him any more."

It's black and white. "If he is deliberately hooking, you don't break rank." Period end of story. Teflon has stated and maintained that no matter how badly his partner cheats, he will go along with it for the duration of the match.
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