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Originally Posted by anubis View Post

Now, whether they are artificially tanking matches to keep their rating at 4.40, or if they got there "naturally" through practice and hard work, what difference does it make?
Because one of your two choices there is blatant bald face cheating. I didn't say we don't enjoy trying to beat these guys, because we absolutely do. BTW, everybody that gets to 4.4+ got there with tons of hard work. The question is ---- do they cheat to STAY there?

Two years ago, I was playing a typical MZ 4.0 tourney, and came up against the #1 rated 3.5 bump up in the state of TX from the previous season. I beat him straight up, winning 9 consecutive games to end it. Now...imagine 4-5 guys like me tanking down all on one 3.5 team - seriously how fair would that be? That's just a tad unfair don't you think?

In any case, 'ain't really a big deal to me, but it is what we all know it is.
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