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She is 11 and wants to be a pro/Olympian. Good for her to dream big. An 11 y/o has no concept of how big the world is, you probably do. It's a parents job to support and encourage. It sounds like you do both now to a bit of an extreme. Realism is setting in.

Her goals will change over time. If her improvement curve stops sloping up as rapidly, she will figure it out. When she is 14ish, she'll probably meet some college players that will encourage that route. Then you support and encourage that next goal.

As far as the money, be creative in finding another 4 week project next summer. Put her in a college camp for a week or two. Try one down south and another closer to home. Who knows, she might like those better. Experiment with another pro or club near home and see if another coach inspires her more.

Lots of options, have fun with the journey!
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