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Watched the "Turn the knob" FH TS video by Macci. Excellent. He explains when to hit through the ball (from the baseline) and when to focus mainly on up and across (short balls). His advanced player also illustrates how even though the swing is up, the shot is not a moonball but a penetrating topspin through the court because of the closed racket face. This is a guy who knows his stuff.
Yeah I liked video too. Is that the video where he has the students rally close to the net to learn topspin? It's got some nice up and across action for all the MTM folks.

There's a Brett Hobden video where he talks about staying relaxed. It helps me because I have a tendency to tense up and hold the racket in a death grip. The teaching pro I take lessons from told me the same thing pretty much, but it's nice to hear it from another source. It reinforces things.
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