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Originally Posted by smoothtennis View Post
Yeah, that's all fine and good, and our team plays straight up - and we certainly competed well and did better at sectionals than the team not to be named...LOL. However, we have guys getting the mid season bump of course. Now do we start doing the same BS so we can compete again, or do we let our guys go, and keep the top legit 4.0 talent watered down so the-team-that-shall-not-be-named can dominate once again. It's like Ground Hog Day I swear.

We can make it more fair, but we don't want to cheat either.
confused again. If you claim the 'other' team is full of sandbaggers, and yours is presumably not - how is it possible you did better than the other team? It makes no sense?? Are you suggesting they are intentionally losing at Sectionals? What would be the point?
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