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Being a statistics junkie, I came up with another theory involving the test scores of Black children in California. If they are in environments where they are encouraged and expected to perform, they in fact tend to do so. But in places where there is little emphasis and/or encouragement on performing in class (which I suspect is quite the majority in LAUSD), they just don't. I guess you can argue the same is true for Hispanic children, but because they make up almost 50% of the students they get additional resources for assistance and development.

Back to my mini-tirade over the API at my home school and the zip code....

School, overall API, Black, Hispanic

Home school 758, B 673, H 763 (84% H, 11% B)
School PE 769, B 786, H 748 (60% H, 18% B)
School CH 903, B 883 , H 842 (34% H, 15% B)
School CR 784, B 791, H 755 (58% H, 15% B)
School CL 955, B 933, H 894 (16% H, 8% B)

Schools with the highest concentration of Hispanics and Blacks scored the lowest while the schools with the lowest concentration scored the highest. Blacks scored 90 points less than the Hispanics at the home school (nevermind that 60% of the Hispanics there are English language learners), but they also outscored Hispanics by 36-41 points at the other four schools. In fact, Blacks scored above the school average at two of the schools and were only 20-22 points below the average at the two best schools.

School CH's scores are a bit odd. Whites scored 958 which is fantastic. But Blacks OUTSCORED the Asians 883 to 854?!?!?! Hispanics almost matched the Asians scoring 842. I could never imagine seeing such a result... In fact, I think Asians did worse at school CH than at any of the other schools (977 at CL, 898 at PE, 878 at CR, ~861* at home school). At school PE, Blacks outscored the Whites 786 to 778 (Whites scored 974 at CL, 958 at CH, 879 at CR, ~861* at home school). ~861 reflects I don't have scores for Asians and Whites at home school since they aren't available, but I estimated their API bundling them together as others and playing with math.

Not every zip code is going to have two state distinguished school award recipients like mine in schools CL and CH. Nor is it going to have a really big performance gap like the home school's. I've had parents tell me that the scores are very important to not important at all. I'm going to have to make some tough decisions before my fiancee and her son come here. I just hope they're worth it and that they appreciate my concerns.
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