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Originally Posted by Mercury Rob View Post
Hi everyone, been a while since I last posted but I've been playing loads. I do however have a problem that is really bugging and frustrating me.

On court of late I've found myself hitting and playing but not improving at all, if anything I've gone backwards. I feel like I have too much information in my head as to how I should hit the ball, what my strokes should look like and how the ball should come off of my racket, which racket to use (switching between two constantly) what style of game to play. I feel like I understand a lot about technically how to play the shots move my feet, time the split step, counter an opponents plan etc because ive spent so much time on essential tennis and fyb, looking at their videos and break downs, I could probably recite them if I wanted to!

Has anyone else gone through a similar feeling of just a sort of "identity crisis" on court? Any suggestions? I feel like im just out hitting tennis balls now with no real structure to anything im doing in practice or matches.

Sounds like you may want to look at 1 stroke at a time. It's very very tough to learn or re-learn a stroke. If you try and do the whole package it's just too much. I know what you're talkin about. I keep notes on certain ideas or stroke techniques and when I go play a match or practice, I just take one area and tweak a little bit. It's just too hard to focus on everything you should be doing all at once.
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