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Originally Posted by crosbydog View Post
My 11 year old has been taking privates once a week for a year now from the relatively best coach in our area. We have shlepped down to Florida a couple times for her to take 4 lessons with a name coach. She qualified for her section's sweet 16 tournament in the 10's after Playing a year but now in the 12s she can only beat mediocre or younger Players.
I think Girls 12's can also be particularly frustrating. Lot's of pushers, moonballers, etc. If you are concentrating on building her game for the long run, she will lose some(or more) matches to to players with weaker fundamentals who just have more match experience, etc. Bang you head against the wall stuff. That's stuff that's hard to learn from any amount of lessons, just need lots and lots of matches, sanctioned as well as practice matches.
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