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Originally Posted by twos View Post
All this talk about sandbagging but they were one of the weaker teams in their pool and all of sectionals?
Wild Houston and Wild Austin were both pretty good teams and handed them their first two losses on Day 1.

Fincher and Johnson both got bumped to 4.5 so after the team was 0-2 on the first day, I was told they lost the 2nd day on purpose (just like they have done all season in the Senior 4.0 matches). Andras Boscani somehow missed the mid season bump but he had to be very close since he played almost every match with Johnson or Fincher (I think Boscani was like 18-1 heading into sectionals and has suddenly started getting killed in the Senior league against less than stellar competition). Stetzer is another one that is always right on the borderline but probably the weakest of the four. He and Fincher have been sandbagging together for years.
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