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Default f**d up my forehand with the tucked elbow


Hope you can provide me with some advice concerning my issue.

Basically, after watching too much instructional videos, to try to add a little something to my otherwise solid forehand, i completely messed up my forehand.

My goal was to to improve racket head speed. One of the videos (coach kyrill on youtube) suggested tucking in the elbow (basically "glueing it" to my torso) to get the feel of the "snap" on the forehand. Later you of course release your elbow.

Practiced it, and practiced it some more and stuck with it for a while. But now what's happening is that even in normal points i keep the elbow very close to my body and the racket head drop is insane. At the point of contact my 12 o clock racket head point is almost aiming at the ground, resulting in a very extreme low to high swingpath. It almost feels like my wrist stays bent for too long.

I will at least try to post a picture of my contact point to get a better understanding of what i'm talking about.
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