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Default Can a certain racket really help protect against tennis elbow/shoulder ?

I have seen this mentioned a few timers in the forum.

I always used to dismiss "tennis elbow" as a kid in the 80s. I never got it, and would play 5 hours at a stretch.

Getting back into it, now I'm at the age where I can get little nagging issues. And, I hit harder than ever.

What types of rackets are bad for this? Which save your joints?
Is it the one's with extra dampeners? Cortex?

So, if Babolat's Cortex DOES absorbs some shock away from your own joints,
I can get on board with that. At 3.0, I am not good enough to need the more subtle feel.

The purist might not like Cortex, but for a weekend warrior, Cortex and others are probably a good risk/reward or cost/benefit proposition. Right?

Or, is it all BS?

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