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Originally Posted by tball View Post
Wilson Shock Shield dampens the vibrations more than any other grip, but Sorbothane is more effective. I have a sheet of sorbothane 1mm thick (50 duro), and I put it under a pallet. This mutes and dampens the racquet noticeably more than the Shock Shield, and it also does it in a very different manner. I feel that Wilson is great at dispersing tiny vibrations, but not the big ones. Sorbothane on the hairpin is just the opposite: it dampens the big ones, but the little ones pass through. Wilson Shock Shield gives the effect of playing in gloves; sorbothane gives more of a feel of playing with a rubberized frame.

This setup works best if you start with a racquet which is lighter than your target specs, and is also 1-2 grip sizes smaller than what you need.

The $20 sheets from Edmunds Scientific are no good. 1/10 is too thick to be of any use. It is about 3-4mm thick. No good for tennis. You cannot do anything with it.
Interesting. How does your pallet fit over the hairpin now that your Sorbothane sheet is wrapped around it? Did you need to trim the inside of your pallet?
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