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Originally Posted by Vik View Post
This is my area. I remember a few years back when I got back into tennis after a 10 year layoff. I called the league coordinator to find a 4.5 team.

I explained my situation and that I had played college tennis back in the day. Said coordinator wanted to make sure I was absolutely certain I was a 4.5 and not a 4.0. Now I know why

That said, the greatness of his 4.0 squads are getting exaggerated on here. I think he may have captained one 4.0 team to nationals a few years back. His team does usually make sectionals (but honestly FW is not one of the cities as evidenced by this year's sectional result). Can't comment on his senior exploits.

Do I think he goes the 'extra mile' to make the best 4.0 team. Yeah. Is it any worse than people/teams in other cities. No. I've seen way, way worse examples of tanking in Dallas.
While it may be true that bigger cities have more depth and can work the system even better, that doesn't excuse his behavior. I don't see how anybody can objectively look at it and not see it as anything other than cheating and unethical. The fact that he is a representative of the USTA makes it even more embarrassing.
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