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another 2hours played in doubles/mixed doubles so 8 hours in total with this string,
power was good but again due to tension loss
serves were powerful but a bit wayward but could have been down to me having a bad night!!!!!
spin was still good but felt it had lost a bit of bite.
F/H topspin was good but again not as much bite and a few were flying long.
B/H topspin again the same as my F/H
control had gone in my eyes as i had trouble with my B/H slices and all of the above.
also the comfort had gone and i could feel it in my arm and shoulder so had to change rackets pronto,
have now cut it out but ive got another fresh set to go straight back in but at a lower tension this time as the yonex is very low powered.

i still rate this string highly and cant see myself changing anytime soon,
ive also got some yonex poly pro 125 to try out but that will be going in my second PD which is on its way

cheers garry
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