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Just a pic to let you guys see that it is in fact a 90, not a 93

A view of the custom grip mold. It was hard to get a good picture, but this kind of shows how one side is “jutting out” more than the other.


Weight: 358 grams (12.6 ounces)
Balance: 6 pts. HL
Swing Weight: 332.33 (I took 3 measurements with the TW swing weight calculator, 309, 337, and 351 were the readings)
Grip size: 4 3/8
*Note: Swing weight measurement is inexact, as I could only measure to one tenth of a second, not one one-hundredth of a second as the instructions suggest


Fed’s: This racket is a 12.6 oz, 6 pts HL frame, a 90 square inch racket, but is more manoeuvrable than any 90 I’ve ever played with. In fact, it’s more manoeuvrable than my BLXPS 95! This was really nice, as I could whip around my strokes very easily, a luxury that I didn’t enjoy with my Wilson 93 frame.

The 93: this racket weighs 12.3 oz, 1 pts HL, and feels far heavier in comparison! The balls carry more weight than with Fed’s, but it is difficult to keep up over a long match.


Fed’s: In a word: Amazing! The racket is fantastic off the ground. My backhand suffered no ill effects from the manoeuvrability; my slice was noticeably more poisonous; the only thing that suffered was the forehand. I noticed a lack of pace off the FH wing, but increasing racket head speed fixed this quickly. In fact, I was able to hit harder and more efficiently on the FH, since the ball always seemed to go in! So, I found myself going for far more than I am used to, and reaping the rewards.

The 93: This racket is a beast off the ground. Unbelievable pace, spin, and control. It trumps the Fed frame here, except for one issue: this thing is SO heavy! It’s only 1 point headlight, and 12.3 ounces, but it feels like it weighs 15 ounces after a set and a half. It is great to hit for short bursts, but I can’t get it consistently. Also, I miss a LOT more with this racket; it doesn’t always seem to find the line like the Fed frame.


Fed’s: Nothing amazing here. Plenty of spin on drop volleys, good pop on overheads, but it’s obviously not tailor made for volleying.

The 93: Again, nothing special here. These pro stocks were not meant for serve-and-volleyers!


Fed’s: Lower pace than my BLXPS 95, but very very precise. I felt like I could place a dime in the service box and hit it. Also, the custom grip changed my serve a bit. It is molded differently then stock, which caused me to grab the racket with a spin-serve grip more than a flat serve grip. The result: Plenty of spin serves, not very many flat ones.

The 93: A lot of power! Serving with this was the exact opposite of the Fed frame in my opinion. I found it difficult to place the ball well, but got a lot of pace without much effort. This could be due to the head-heavy balance. Once again, hard to keep up good serves over a whole match.


Fed’s: Due to the manoeuvrability, I found it very easy to return with this stick. I could place it well, and really put my opponent in a tough spot on the return. Very fun to return with this stick.

The 93: Returns are very powerful with this stick! It takes good timing, but when you hit it well, you know it instantly.


Fed’s: This racket is great for slicing off the BH wing. It just feels natural! I also found topspin easily accessible on the FH. I could flatten it out when necessary as well. The slice was unbelievable though!

The 93: Flat shots are the best, but topspin, not so much. Slicing was good, though not as good as the Fed frame. This racket is good for power, but it is not for spinny strokes.


Fed’s: Fantastic feel, drop shots seemed easier, lobbing was good. I expected this from a pro stock, and was not disappointed.

The 93: once again, fantastic feel! Very similar to the Fed frame here, which I am quite happy about.


Fed’s: I love this frame! I feel like I could play 12 sets with it and not get tired, I never seem to miss, and it’s Fed’s! What’s not to love?

The 93: If I could use it for a whole match, this frame might be better than the Fed frame overall. The weight just kills it for me, it demands so much!

Final Thoughts:

The biggest thing about these pro stock frames is that the reward good play. If I hit the centre of the Fed frame it hits like a dream, but if I miss by a little bit it does not feel good at all. The same can be said for the custom 93. I hope I’ve answered all questions you guys have about the frame, but I will still try my best to answer any others.
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