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Originally Posted by フェデラー View Post
I would do terrible things to get another wilson racket with a 93 inch head. The kblade tour was such a good racket.

Have you used other wilson frames in the past (blx 6.1 tour, k factor 6.1 tour, et al.)? How would those compare?

You also mentioned that you lost some power, have you thought about adding any lead tape to the top of the hoop, as P1 would have done for Roger since you said it was yet to be customized?

You also stated that this was a Federer frame, how close do you think it is to retail? Many here speculate that Roger just hand picks his and then has them customized, do you think that could be the case here? Is there anything that would indicate that it is NOT really a BLX PS?

And a non-racket related question, how do you feel about power pads? Do they really do anything for your game, or is it merely cosmetic or do you notice a more dampened feel?
I've used the K90, BLX90, BLXPS90, BLXPS95, Custom 93, and the Fed racket. The Fed racket seems to me to be a cross between the K90 and the BLXPS90. The BLXPS90 didn't have the feel of the 90 IMO, but the Fed racket has the K90 feel. I just can't put my finger on which one it's more like though!

I think this racket is VERY similar to a retail 90. Other than the shorter grip (which is a very slight difference), the racket is the same mold for sure. This racket feels like it could just be a stock racket with weight in the handle changing the specs! It feels like it must be made with better materials than retail though (more graphite-ish feel, like a frame from the 80's/90's).

I have though about adding lead there! Fabfed has clocked his Fed sticks at 364 grams, compared to my 358, so I may try that later!

In terms of the powerpads, I haven't noticed too much of a difference in feel. They are very similar to a dampener IMO, but with less of an impact, and a slightly different feel IMO. They look cool though, so I'm gonna use them more

Any other questions?
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