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Originally Posted by フェデラー View Post
That seems kind of silly, I mean if you're willing to pay, who would refuse you?
And thank you for answering the questions. So I assume it also has that new amplifeel stuff in the handle? i always wondered whether or not roger would have it on his considering its a totally new technology (and i think a few people on here have complained about it).
I actually don't know! The leather grip is so nice (far superior to retail), so I haven't even thought about taking it off. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't

In the coming weeks (maybe even months) when the grip wears down I'll take it off so see if it is or not. I just don't want to lose this grip.

In terms of P1, I respect what they do with pro players. They respect their player's privacy (or the player's brands) and don't give the specs/customizations away. I say good on em!
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