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Originally Posted by ClarkC View Post
This year, the big three all turned pro: Fratangelo, Peliwo, Krueger. That is pretty unusual. I think that leave a lot of very good players who were originally in the #4-#8 range, and we will have to see which ones become the best this spring. None of the guys who actually went to college were in the elite level where people are speculating that they might skip college. That is not to say that none of them will be college stars, because a couple probably will.

This year, it looks like Ronnie Schneider (early UNC commit), Mackenzie McDonald (northern California kid), and Connor Farren (also northern California, been sick lately, I think), although the group right behind them has some guys who are very competitive with them. Will be interesting to see if Stanford can keep one of the northern Cal elite kids home.
Looks like stanford is "High" on Farren's list along with USC and "Medium" on virginia. Mackenzie McDonald has been linked to UCLA through the grapevine but we will see obviously nothing is official.
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