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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
One thing important to note, is that players change their specs. So they may play with a certain weight and balance at one tournament, and 6 months later it has changed. Sometimes they change it during a tournament. So it would be kind of fruitless to request the specs of a given player.

Ona side note, I believe, as someone else pointed out, that P1 receives the frames without the pallet or grip, and then modify it to thier particular client.
Oh yeah, definitely agree with this, though i guess to get a general feel for how his racquet is set up, you could go with one of the listed specs from FabFed. Here are the ones he has:

2008 Fed K90 - 32.4cm, 364 grams
2009 Fed K90 - 32.1cm, 364 grams
2009 Fed K90 - 32.2cm, 364 grams
2010 Fed BLX90 - 32.2cm, 364 grams

All same weight and relatively close as far as balance
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