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Originally Posted by FEDERERNADAL13 View Post
Pro room rackets are (generally) stock rackets at perfect specs. Also, it is speculated that pro room rackets have better quality ingredients (I agree with this after trying these two rackets).

Yes, modified pro room P1 is the best, so I can see why Roger would want to use them!
I am suspicious as to whether Federer's frames are via the pro room at all. The pro room is to cater to their general sponsored players who want specific specs etc. Federer is not one of their general players - he is 95% of their marketing talent and would get anything at all that he wants in a frame - including frames made out of anything he desired even if it meant making them for him in the USA (which they possibly do to make sure they're how he wants them).

About two years ago they cut down their pro room service massively by the way - a player who is coached by someone I know who was in the top 50 lost her custom balance frame supply from Wilson.. she gets stock frames now even though she is well back in the top 50 again. Wilson's cut-off for this service is in the range of top 20 nowdays. Barely more than a courtesy service for a couple of their players who have future potential (Dolgopolov etc).

Federer, on the other hand, has frames which - in 5 or more years - have not once been confirmed as being related to the retail model other than their mould (nor confirmed as being substantially different either to be fair). Many people who seem to have a keen eye and understanding of frames suspect his are constructed more like the original Prostaff 85 - braided and with more kevlar-type materials used and/or foam filled (the fact he uses no vibration damper yet his frame still sounds like dead-ish seems to be consistent with this imo). I tend to agree with them. His quality control is likely higher than normal - he doesn't want to waste any time at all with setting frames aside because they play differently - something which even P1 cannot control for if it's a construction issue prior to their receiving them to regrip/balance. (unless Ron Yu is able to confirm whether they run some sort of flex/characteristics tests on all the frames they receive prior to sending them to Federer)

The same coach I mentioned above also claimed to have an *actual* Federer frame about 2 years ago - direct from the Wilson pro room but it took me all of 30 seconds to work out otherwise. It may have been from the pro room but it wasn't a Federer frame.

Not trying to be a killjoy to the OP but any frame not sourced via Federer (an ex-game match for example) or P1 I would tend to assume was not a Federer frame even if it was a pro room frame based on the retail model which they have made available to other players.

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