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The Cortex system is designed to reduce harmful frame shock & vibrations from reaching the arm (shoulder, elbow, wrist). While the system may very well do this to some extent, I'm not certain that it does it well enough to qualify any of the Babolat frames as arm-friendly. Many of Babolat's frames are considered to be a bit harsh by some/many users. There appears to be 2 versions of the Cortex system. The system pictured on the right (above), is used in the "Pure" series. The Cortex version shown on the left, is used in other Babolat frames.

There are quite a few threads in the Racquet forum that discuss racquets that are considered to be arm-friendly frames by users. The ones that are at the top of my list are the following:

Volkl V1 Classic
Prince O3 Hybrid Shark (MP)
Prince ExO3 100 (both versions ok, tho the 16x18 might be slightly better)
ProKennex (various frames in the Kinetic and Ionic series)

Other possibilities to consider:

Prince ExO3 Rebel 95
Volkl Organix V1 (MP ok, OS?)
Volkl DNX 10 (MP)
Volkl PowerBridge 10 (MP)
ProKennex Ki Q series
Boris Becker Delta Core London
Pacific (formerly Fischer; various frames0
Donnay (various frames)

Here are a few links for more ideas on this subject. The Babolat Pure Storm Ltd GT is listed in a secondary group. Ironically, I don't believe that any of the Babolat frames mentioned in the 2nd and 3rd groups use the Cortex system (NO Babolat frames appear in the top arm-friendly group).
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