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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
One thing important to note, is that players change their specs. So they may play with a certain weight and balance at one tournament, and 6 months later it has changed. Sometimes they change it during a tournament. So it would be kind of fruitless to request the specs of a given player.

Ona side note, I believe, as someone else pointed out, that P1 receives the frames without the pallet or grip, and then modify it to thier particular client.
This racket does have a custom grip mold though. It is definitely not retail (I've played with Wilson frames since Day 1, this is not the same as my other rackets).

The way it was explained to me (by my very reliable connection), is that this racket was given a grip by Fed's "technician" (I assume he means P1, he is not great with English). He then got (quite a few) Fed rackets at this point, before lead taping the head or anything else. Big John , one of the members here, has also had experience with my connection.

I am confident this is still a Fed racket (or at least the mold, but without the lead tape in the head )
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