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Originally Posted by FEDERERNADAL13 View Post
This racket does have a custom grip mold though. It is definitely not retail...
Since we know for a fact his grips are customised by P1, if your frame has some sort of custom grip it is either from P1 or is not an actual Federer frame - perhaps just a frame from the Wilson pro room.

As I said above, take the grip off sometime and take a closer look at the pallet. All of my retail Wilson frames over the years have looked basically like your photo simply because of the way the grip was wrapped.

Originally Posted by FEDERERNADAL13 View Post
The way it was explained to me (by my very reliable connection), is that this racket was given a grip by Fed's "technician" (I assume he means P1, he is not great with English). He then got (quite a few) Fed rackets at this point...
We know that Roger gets four batches of 12 racquets per year - P1 has said so (I think it is 12 frames?). Other than used frames which are either kept or sold for charity auctions it's highly unlikely to be any actual Federer frames hanging around which would end up in *whoevers* hands. Ron Yu would probably know best and maybe he'll post here about it someday.

The best we have of that is what Fabfed has posted - and he owns a number of actual playing frames. Perhaps some sharp-eyed member here will spot some key detail to confirm or deny the likelihood of your frame being an actual Federer frame.

Could you take some close-up shots of the inner throat info and some of the decals on the frame?

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