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Default Poly cross (gut mains)

Stringaholics - talk to me about some good poly string to try out as a cross for gut mains in my Prestige MP. I'll be using Pacific Classic Gut 17, somewhere in the ballpark of 58#.

I'm currently using BHB7 at 54#, and love it, but want to give gut/poly a shot just for giggles. I'm primarily a doubles player, big serve, big groundies, and I'm always looking for an opportunity to scorch a passing shot.

I've tried lots of polys for a cross previously, but want to expand my horizons.

My priorities (in order of importance) are:
1. Soft, but not dead feel. I'll be stringing at 54# or so, so I don't want mushy, but I want a little bit of touch.
2. Playability time - I don't want dead crosses after 3-4 hours.
3. Thin gauge. In an 18x20, I prefer 17 or 17L in the cross to keep the string bed a bit more lively and spin friendly.

Previously, I've used the classic Luxilon cross (both BBO and Alu), B5E, Cyberflash, etc. I guess I would prefer a smooth poly for a cross for the time being, and something that's not going to break the bank.

What say you, gut-poly fans?
Back to the Prestige MP. Should have never deviated.

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