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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
Soft strings and lower tensions like gut or multis in the 50-55 lb range can help too. Poly should be strung low 40-52 lbs for comfort. You can still bet plenty of control and tension from poly at these tensions
If you have elbow problems, I would suggest avoiding poly altogether, at least until your elbow fully heals. I've tried poly as low as 35 pounds. I've tried hybrids with poly in the mains and poly in the crosses. I've tried co-polys that were supposed to be softer and longer lasting than older polys. No matter how I string it, poly feels ok for about 3-5 hours, then when it loses elasticity that's when my elbow feels it. I have a sensitive arm, and in my experience, gut or a soft multifilament between 50-60 pounds is much better for your arm than poly at any tension.
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