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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
Good luck with this Dallas. The USTA has had a monopoly on junior tennis for so long I don't think they can conceive of competition. But they are creating a great opportunity that for tennis entrepreneurs.
Yeah, but the Georgia Junior Open IS a USTA tournament. I can't see the USTA worrying about other "national" type tournaments popping up to serve the need of USTA players that don't make it into THE nationals. The question is whether players will be willing to travel to participate in tournaments that don't get national or sectional points but could improve their TRN ranking. The changes aren't fully in effect yet, so we'll have to wait and see. I know it was just one test case, but I'm glad the Georgia Junior Open did well this year.

Something achieved from all this is that there will be absolutely no incentive for a player to travel to participate in weak tournaments (so called point chasing). Doing so in the future won't help your USTA ranking (players won't get any national or sectional points) or your TRN ranking (players don't improve their ranking by beating much lower ranked players).
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