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In my Dunlop 200, which is similar to your Prestige MP, I've tried MSV CoFocus, MSV Focus Hex, and Gamma Black Ice crosses with VS mains.

Comfort is also a priority for me and all have performed perfectly on that front.

Control and, to the degree it enhances control, spin are also important and all three have worked great as crosses with gut mains with BI providing the most control and CoF the least.

So far my favorite has been Black Ice 17. It offers the best combination of control, spin, and low power with VS gut mains. FH 1.18 provides more spin but also more power. I've learned that at some point even a spinny string bed can generate power in excess of the spin's ability to drive the ball back down on some shots. With Black Ice 17 the margin for error is much larger.

That being said, I preferred FH 1.18 on serve. The extra spin and power under such controlled conditions are really useful.

So of the three FH and Black Ice are the primary contenders. If Black Ice ages well and remains comfortable with time it will be my go-to cross with VS mains. If it becomes boardy and threatens my arm I'll go back to Focus Hex and will likely move from 1.18 to 1.23.

On that note, CoF has proven more durable than FH in my experience. It becomes more lively over time rather than dead and boardy. FH lasts many hours but can cut the mains if you hit hard with top spin and can feel dead with extended use (15+ hours).

In terms of muchiness, CoF was the least crisp and BI the most. I too string in the low 50s. Currently both my frames are strung at 56/54 (one is VS/FH, the other VS/BI) but if BI 17 proves durable I'll have the VS/FH frame restrung with VS/BI at 55/52.
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