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Thanks again for the suggestions. I'll try to provide a bit more detail as to what I mean

When I'm talking about style and how I would like to play I'm meaning that I am unsure as to what strategy I am trying to use, I keep changing my goals.

In practice on day 1 I'll be hitting higher topspin shots to keep my opponent deep and to get a shorter ball to put away. day 2 and for some reason I'm deciding that I should play first strike tennis and anything remotely short I'm trying to put away or force an error on. Day 3 I've decided that my serve should be flat on all first serves and kick second serves but on day 4 I'm going for a really big kick first serve.

It's preventing me from really settling down on a comfortable strategy and trying to improve within it as I am constantly chopping and changing not only how I'm trying to hit the ball but also how I'm trying to play. I accept that whenever I change something I'm likely to regress before I improve and I'm happy with that but for now I'm stuck in change mode and I'm not allowing my self to settle down with something new and it's affecting my whole game.

Rather than a purely technical thing it feels more mental confusion.

I have the inner game of tennis on audio book and listen to it which is helping but I'm only slowly getting through it. (for anyone thinking about it I would recommend the paper copy as I think the way it is read is like a condescending self help manual and detracts from useful content)

Does this provide more detail?
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