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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
Assuming Alohajrtennis accurately quoted PMac I find PMac's mumbling, stumbling, unintelligible recent statement on the proposed changes in junior tennis shocking. You would think given all the opposition to the proposed changes a Stanford grad making a million a year would offer a clear, concise, logical, rehearsed response. As an alum I can say, "Patrick you did not do us proud!"
I did my best to accurately transcribe, but to be fair, if you get the chance listen yourself. They were off the cuff remarks, and I couldn't accurately capture his pauses, many of his repeated statements we'rent stumbling, he was repeating himself with(for) emphasis for effect, etc. I wasnt trying to make him sound like an idiot. Yes, he could have had his talking points more rehearsed, but the issue to me was not how he presented his case, but the content of his argument itself.
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