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Originally Posted by Mercury Rob View Post
So what is the best process for selecting the style? Is it more suitable to choose how you would like to play and aspire to it by working on your strokes or should someone look at their game very objectively and aim to choose a style that suits them for now and look to slowly change it as they improve by further objective analysis?
There are as many answers as there are people. In my experience since none of us are doing tennis full time (as a profession) I would go with what suits your personality. I don't know you , but you seem like someone who enjoys analyzing situations and problem solving. If true, I would recommend #1 in my previous post (which is what you are already prepping for).

If you can wrap your mind around the idea that you are going to have various options to play a match, then you can focus on analyzing the other guy and less about your own strokes. This will free you from this "paralysis by overanalysis".
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