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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
style is not something one can arbitrarily pick and choose. once technical foundation is strong enough for competition at your level then your understanding of your own physical and mental weaknesses and strengths will reveal what kind of style will maximize your strength against general competition you face. style is more fundamental than a tactic you vary against different opponents. You generally don't have much options in choosing style. You should focus on strengthening your technical foundations on which you can build your day to day game. Knowing what to do in the minutest detail and making them your own and be able to use them reliably are two very different things. the latter part is the real process of learning a skill.
I understand what you mean however I can still improve and look towards playing a style and strategy that perhaps I cannot quite do yet. For instance I struggle to put away volleys that are not very straight forward and I do not enjoy playing a serve and volley style so I do not want to aim for that.

However I do enjoy moving my opponent side to side from the baseline to open up a short ball. I can get very good angles from my forehand but my less so from my backhand. So as my game stands today this is perhaps not the best way for me to try and play. But it would still be possible to play this way whilst focusing on improving my backhand to allow me to full fill this strategy.

Or I could play to what I can currently do, look at ways of forcing the ball to come to my forehand side as often as possible and minimise the backhand shots to primarily defensive shots. Once I am proficient in this I could then look to improve my backhand to open up more possibilities.

Does that make my question clearer?

(it is amazing how much clearer the problem is in my own head simple from trying to write it down!)
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