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Originally Posted by Jakes On A Plane View Post
He was pretty much unbeatable at #3. If Ohio State didn't suck on the big stage and had played UVA in the final, Frank would've outlasted Kobelt.
agreed, obviously i'm not claiming kobelt is the better player, just saying frank isn't above the possibility of losing the way johnson was the past few years

Originally Posted by Jakes On A Plane View Post
A meniscal tear is not great, but with proper rehab, a full recovery is almost guaranteed, especially with someone as young as Mitchell.

In the end, this type of injury should have no long-lasting ramifications. Mitchell should return to full strength and be ready for the ITA Team Indoors in February. If anyone wants to discount a guy like Frank already, you will end up regretting it come next year.
not sure operative treatment and recovery of this injury is as simple as you say - a lot depends on how big the tear is and whether it's just at the periphery of the cartilage that heals much more easily

either way, no not a devastating injury and not discounting him, he'll be back playing high level tennis in a handful of months, but you never know how much of an impact even a little bit of nagging pain can have on a guy with his style of game...we shall see
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