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Originally Posted by BHSC View Post
For a team that hasn't lost to an ACC opponent in 6 or 7 years and returns 5 of their top 6 from last year's NCAA finalist.

To say they are not even the favorite in their own conference,

That's almost Fedace level bias
or i just realize that duke wasn't far behind UVA last year (cunha losing to jenkins was the difference b/t a 4-3 win and a 4-3 loss in the regular season meeting), returns 5 of 6 as well, and gains much more in redlicki and semenzato than they lose in an often-injured wietoska

get over yourself - that trophy case is still empty - you're not the powerhouse usc is, duke isn't afraid (not that they're afraid of usc either, beating them twice in the last three years)
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