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Originally Posted by downs_chris View Post
agreed...i hit with the newer exxxtreme (not the 2.0) and it was powerful, but it had trouble against heavy hitters...blx pro open can handle the pace...

what's for dinner peoples?
BLX Pro sounds like a nice stick! Is it like a Aero Pro clone?

dinner is clay pot rice with chicken, ginger, and chinese sausage (sap & HW, insert your punchline here...) =P

So addicted in making this now, cause i have the small lacquered clay pots. I got one of them from the Korean Supermarkets. And I learned how to make rice from it now. Great portion control. Kinda like a personal pan pizza but rice instead.

Speaking for racquets, has anyone played with a St. Vincent or Chicago version of the pro staff before? I was curious why it is so sought after and demand such a high price? Is it cause it's rare?

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