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Originally Posted by Pro_Tour_630 View Post
I guess if you or PM or Hannity use my picture in any shape or form,,,,,,,,,I need royalties

What the USTA is trying to do is get more kids playing tennis with their ten and under program and with the 2014 changes the kids that deserve to rise to the top will.
I hereby submit for consideration my much superior drawing. I personally dont need royalties, but Lego might :

The guys going down the little shoot on the right are the Sweet 16 tea party kids...

Basically, the old system isn't a beaker, its just not as wide at the top as most people want, and not as narrow at the bottom as PD wants. With 10 and U tennis, they are trying to widen the funnel. But PMac and PD also want to narrow the bottom of the funnel, which is what we object to. As I have said before, if TAUT is successful, which I believe it will be, just leaving the number of national tournaments spots athe same is going to make the competition for these spots tougher. Basically they are simultaneously increasing the number of kids competing for a decreasing the number of spots.

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