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Originally Posted by FEDERERNADAL13 View Post
I think it's a Roger mold with a Wilson handle, upon talking to my connection. Thanks for your Help Ron!

Do these photos help at all?
Of course it is likely to be a Roger mould - ALL of the retail racquets are. It's the internal composition which matters most in terms of differentiating between the retail and Federer exclusive frame.

I think, considering what Ron has said here compared to your original thoughts on the frame, you've likely been misled.

We know your frame is definitely not from P1, and I highly doubt any actual Federer frames would end up in the pro room. There is no reason for them to when Wilson could just as easily (and at a fraction of the cost if Federer's frames are as exotic as some believe) hand out retail frames and say the same thing... as has likely happened here. Your friend has probably been outed and his story about the frame has been adjusted accordingly to continue to make it look special.

Many people have claimed to have owned a Federer frame previously and the vast majority have shown to be incorrect as more details become available.

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