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Originally Posted by RJYU View Post
I saw it. Just chose not to answer it because I've stated in the past that we don't discuss any specifics about our customization procedures or materials.
Ron, a question on general practice if you don't mind. I've always wondered if you conduct any kind of integrity tests on frames you receive? (seeing if have any odd vibrations etc). I mean, what a mission would it be to do all that work on a frame and then have the player discover it played noticeably differently because of a fabrication issue which happened long before you ever saw the frame. Or is a visual check good enough considering Roger's (and Novak's etc) frames come via to you a higher quality process than retail frames?

And near the end of a racquet's life-cycle (3 months for Roger?) do they need to be tested for consistency/flex?

I know from personal experience that a frame bought a year after one of the same model will feel a little sharper. The way the top guys play surely their frames change to a noticeable level over that 3 month period.
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