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Originally Posted by Jakes On A Plane View Post
He was pretty much unbeatable at #3. If Ohio State didn't suck on the big stage and had played UVA in the final, Frank would've outlasted Kobelt.
I saw a good bit of that match in February. Not only did Kobelt play well, but Mitchell had a freshman-nerves match, which tends to happen to most freshmen at some point in that first year of playing for a team and not just playing junior tourneys for yourself. I was happy to see him get it out of his system in February so that it would not happen in May (and it did not happen in May, as he delivered a pressure straight set win over a very determined Daniel Nguyen, as well as winning or leading matches before the final).

A freshman-nerves match tells me nothing about what Mitchell will do in his second year. Recovery from injury is the big story now. Last year, when Alex Domijan missed the entire fall season with a shoulder injury, he was medically healthy but not match fit at the National Team Indoors. He did not hit his stride until the end of March. It will be interesting to compare Mitchell's recovery of match fitness to that scenario from last season.
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