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Originally Posted by elpolaco84 View Post
forums full of: "Coria the king of clay" (of his generation)

"who's a better grass courter Roddick or sampras?"

Safin with more titles AO and USOs having reached al major finals
and a couple of WTFs

and so on...
Safin wasn't denied by Federer or Nadal many times. Coria would have won Rome and Montecarlo in 2005 and hamburg in 2004, nothing more.

Wimby 2003: Roddick
USO 2003: Roddick
AO 2004: Nalbandian (Safin was burn out in the final)
RG 2004: Gaudio
Wimby 2004: Roddick
USO 2004: Agassi
AO 2005: Safin
RG 2005: Ferrer (I don't remember exactly the draw)
Wimby 2005: Hewitt
USO 2005: Agassi/Nalbandian/Hewitt, hard to say
AO 2006: Baghdatis (Haas maybe)
RG 2006: Nalbandian
W 2006: Baghdatis
USO 2006: Roddick
AO 2007: Gonzalez
RG 2007: Davydenko
W 2007: Djokovic
USO 2007: Djokovic
AO 2008: Djokovic
RG 2008: Djokovic (Novak Slam, LOL)
W 2008: Safin
USO 2008: Djokovic
AO 2009: Del Potro (maybe Verdasco)
RG 2009: Del Potro
W 2009: Roddick
USO 2009: Del Potro
AO 2010: Murray
RG 2010: Soderling
W 2010: Berdych
USO 2010: Djokovic
AO 2011: Djokovic
RG 2011: Djokovic
W 2011: Djokovic
USO 2011: Djokovic (Grand Slam)
AO 2012: Djokovic
RG 2012: Djokovic
W 2012: Djokovic (8 in a row)
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