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Originally Posted by klu375 View Post
Today's R16 matches of G16 in San Diego - only 2 matches of 8 were competitive. Following your logic this tournament 's draw should be reduced to 8 players.
Lew Brewer did a road show in SD on Tuesday. Among things that were said - finer details of the changes will be discussed in September in NYC, this includes point tables. Max number of wildcards will be 16 in BG18, 8 in BG16, 3 in BG12, do not remember BG14.
The most important - this particular board is full of disinformation!
Thanks for the info on the wild cards.

Please elaborate on the disinformation on this board. Are we wrong on them eliminatating 2 of the 4 SuperNats (Spring & Winter)?

Why is it "important" to note that this board is "full of disinformation"?
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