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When I first became aware of the Prince Pro in about 1982, it was very much a case for me of look but dont touch, I was only 12. It was the ultimate racket to me back then as I recall seeing pro's on TV using it and rich people at tennis clubs.

I have used it a bit now and I do like it. The combination of having some heft behind my shots and the oversize head almost feels like I'm cheating.

I have tried modern rackets and I keep coming back to the oldies. I don't know why it is that I prefer the feel of an aluminium racket and with a weight that just says L3. Maybe its because I can spend more time thinking about playing tennis and enjoying tennis rather than wondering if the spec/set up of my racket was helping or hindering my game.

I guess I'm trapped in a more innocent age...but I have to say, its a nice place to be.
"The older I get....the better I was"
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