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Originally Posted by ninman View Post
Letting a man with artificial legs compete with people who have normal legs is not a level playing field, however you slice it.
You got that right. Those athletes with normal legs have a big advantage over him, so it's not a level playing field!

Those blades are only sufficient to allow him to run normally and safely. They do nothing beyond that to give him an advantage. There are bionic legs out there with their own source of energy which would be disqualified if he were to use them. The doctors who gave him his artificial legs explained all that to the Olympic Committee, and they accepted their scientifically based explanation.

It's really not much different from a near-sighted tennis player wearing corrective lenses or a partially deaf player wearing a hearing aid. Neither of those gives anyone an advantage over a normal person.

We know he can run in the Special Olympics, but we all know that's doesn't have the level of prestige of the real Olympics. If those blades did give amputated runners an advantage, you'd see a lot more of them competing at the top level. Oscar Pistorius got there because he is truly exceptional, and if he had normal legs he probably would have done better.

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