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Thanks Mr Bill, but the poster does not have his facts wrong. The links were a sampling, and while some of them are national(LL and ripken are the largest by far), many of them are regional, and some are 'entrepreneurs' who deal with independent teams, the larger point remains the same : that is that "little league' does not have a monopoly on national play the way that USTA does. There are other avenues that are available for "inter-sectional' play in the baseball world outside of the Little League(tm) World Series.

The fact is hundreds of kids from my little backwater will be on traveling baseball teams, hundreds will be on traveling volleyball teams and hundreds will be on traveling soccer teams. And I don't mean 101, the number could be closer to a thousand.

This is really just the start of where the analogy to baseball and other sports really breaks down. As others have pointed out, there is no national individual rankings, there is no point chasing. Most kids leave the junior system at high school to focus on JV and Varsity, some of the best tennis kids don't even bother with high school cause its not competitive. Pros and colleges scouting services have hundreds of scouts spread out throughout the country, tennis does not., etc,etc,etc. Its just a really bad analogy that just doesn't hold up any kind of examination
This is what you said:

Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
Dozens of these leagues have regional and national competitions year round. Here some examples :
That is disinformation. Ripken has a national championship tournament. The others aren't state, regional, or national leagues, and the tournaments are first-come-first serve. Year-round? In Cooperstown and Aberdeen? Disinformation.

In the tournaments the others beside Ripken sponsor from time to time you can be assured of playing against a team that can afford the entry fee and travel. You cannot be assured of the level of competition because there are no competitive qualification standards. If you were talking about the USA Baseball East/West Championships or the Arizona Fall Classic or tournaments like that, I would consider them regional/national and competitive. But not the Cooperstown Baseball World tournament...........that's mostly vacation and a chance to visit the Hall of Fame. Maybe that one was Googled

Yes, I get it that there are travel teams in baseball and other sports, and that this is a significant industry. Tennis travel is (has been) still way more expensive.

If I recall an earlier post, didn't you say if someone lives in a "small catchment" area such as yours, there is no need to compete at the state or regional levels to hone college-style skills? Begs the question of why "hundreds" of kids from your little backwater are on traveling teams in baseball, plus "hundreds" for soccer, plus "hundreds" for volleyball. Something doesn't fit or is maybe a little exaggerated is the impression I am getting.

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