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No, he couldn't compete w/out the blades, so what. That isn't really the point, though. It was not the IOC that did a "PC" thing. You need to go back and understand how he got there.

IAAC ruled he is not allowed prior to Bejing in '08. The Court of Arbitration for Sport(however it is termed) overruled that decision on appeal because he was shown to not have an unfair advantage.

After that ruling he tried, and failed, to make the South African team in hte Men's 400. The only reason he is there now is because he qualified for the team......

Ask yourself a few questions:
1) heholds the worl records in several sprints competing against single amputees - though he is a double. Isn't it natural for him to see how well he can compete?

2) Does your same thinking apply to shooting and archery? What if a competitor had an artificial limb that allowed them to draw a bow back and release? Should that person not be allowed, as well? Or braces; a downhill ski racer uses a knee brace due to injury - couldn't compete without it. Should they be allowed?

3) Why do you care so much? The guy proved he is one of the world's fastest - not the fastest.....
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