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Originally Posted by ninman View Post
Wearing glasses are using artificial legs are totally different things. Wearing glasses makes someone see normally, how can you possible say that those legs allow him to walk or run normally, i.e. exactly the same as if he had legs. You can't.

Glasses make someone see exactly the same as a person who doesn't have to wear glasses. Replacing limbs is a totally different thing from correcting sight and hearing.
He is amputated, so obviously, it's just not possible for him to be able to run exactly the same as a person with normal legs. Those blades allow him to run as close to normal as possible without an outside source of energy.

It's really not accurate to call them artificial legs because his are basically just blades underneath his normal knees. It would be hard to imagine someone with fully amputated legs being able to run with an outside source of energy, so that kind of a handicapped person would never be able to compete in the same way.

If the question is whether he runs exactly the same as a normal person, then of course, the answer is "no". However, I think the Olympic Committee was more interested in knowing whether or not the blades under his knees gave him an advantage over a normal person. Obviously, no one was able to put up a serious argument that it was an advantage.
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