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Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post

1 - anyone have any thoughts on these racquets: 2012 blx six one team (16x18 and less than 11 ounces), the 2012 blx tour (new white and orange paint jobby - less than 11 ounces), BB delta core london.

2 - what's for lunch people? i'm thinking banh mi but there isn't a place really close to work. may have to trek a bit.
1 - Dont know nothing about any of them frames. But I had to pick without demoing, I would take the BB. Ot looks cooler, and though Ive never hit a BB I always liked the feel of Volkl, and not so much Wilson. Of course things have changed so Im really 0 help.

2- Fettucine Alfredo and salad and banana and spinich
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